Garek Thomann began life as a personal project between close friends. We wanted to create a luxury timepiece that is truly exclusive, personalised for each owner and a masterpiece of British design and craftsmanship.

Through conversation with others we captured peoples attention, imagination, and curiosity of how we thought and saw the luxury world.

A natural desirability for Garek Thomann grew, the desire to belong to something unique and to be able to be oneself represented in a luxurious timepiece.

An idea that started as a personal project has now become our brand allowing us to build exceptional relationships with our clients.

Garek Thomann is available by invite only, this upholds our core values and gives us the opportunity to make sure our clients needs and wants are met, something we
are truly passionate and proud to provide.

We are dedicated to making sure our clients feel they are representing themselves when they
wear GT - giving you individuality. 


Garek Thomann
Garek Thomann


A watch that announces uniqueness with a subtlely to capture time


Inspired From The Purest Of Italian Super Cars

The aggressive design language adopted by the body of the GT7 makes no apologies for taking command of a room full of watch connoisseurs. With its angular shape you may notice the resemblance to a certain supercar that also makes no apologies in its behaviour.
Precision engineering with the fine brushed stroke finishes has given birth to a statement piece that will stand the test of time.

Garek Thomann
Garek Thomann
Garek Thomann
Garek Thomann